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Although these telephone numbers are subject to change, Intuit has started providing phone support for QuickBooks students at the following telephone numbers:

QBO Tech Support for Students: 1-800-488-7330

Desktop Installation Support: 1-888-222-7276

Desktop Registration Support: 1-800-316-1068

Excel REPORT Templates

 👉 My QB Excel Report Template Instructions 

Export QuickBooks reports to Excel
Easy as 1 - 2 - 3

  1. Download the following Excel Report Templates

  2. Do your QuickBooks homework

  3. Export your QuickBooks Reports to the Excel Report Templates

⚠️ If you receive an error message when you try to export another Excel report, save your Excel report workbook, then close the workbook. Then export the next report as instructed, saving and closing Excel after that report export. Basically, in some versions of Excel, you must save and close the workbook after each report export, before exporting the next report. 

My QBB Starter Files

⚠️ Important Note: 

  • When restoring a QBB file if QuickBooks requires you to create a password in order to continue, create your own password and record the password in a secure location, such as the inside cover of your textbook.

  • When restoring QuickBooks QBB files, if a password is requested:

    • Try using User ID: Admin and leave the Password field blank

    • If you are using the QBB Starter files and QuickBooks requires a password and QuickBooks will not accept the password field blank, try User ID: Admin and Password: KayQB2019

    • If none of the above approaches permit you to restore the QBB file, see your instructor

Use QuickBooks Starter files to start QuickBooks assignments.

1. Download Starter QBB files from the Online Learning Center

    Note: There are No Starter QBB Files for the following:

  • No Chapter 11 Starter.QBB

  • No Chapter 12 Starter.QBB

  • No Chapter 13 Starter.QBB

  • No Chapter 14 Starter.QBB

  • No Chapter 16 Starter.QBB

2. Follow the instructions to unzip the data files

3. Follow your text instructions to restore the data files. 

Scroll Down for File Management Tips to organize your QuickBooks files

Install QuickBooks Software

Install your free QuickBooks for Accountants trial version software to use with your Computer Accounting with Quickbooks 2019 text. 

QuickBooks software Download

To download and install the QuickBooks Desktop Accountant 2019 software to use with your text:

  1. Click here for Intuit’s step-by-step signup instructions.

  2. Click here to view Intuit’s signup instructions video.

QuickBooks software INSTALL

View the video below on how to install QuickBooks by launching the setup file and following a few basic steps.


QuickBooks Desktop Installation Support: 888-222-7276

QuickBooks Desktop Registration Support: 800-316-1068

Quickbooks SOFTWARE updates

After installing your QuickBooks software, be sure to download and install QuickBooks software updates to address known issues. See your text for instructions to download QuickBooks updates. After downloading the updates, the easiest way to install the updates is to close the QuickBooks software, and then reopen it. When you are asked if you want to install the updates, select Yes. Note that updates can be downloaded, but if you don't close and reopen the software, the updates are not installed. 

GeT Started

To get started in 3 easy steps, from download the following:

1. QuickBooks Software. Download QuickBooks software from, QB2019 link. Follow the instructions to download, install, and register/activate the software.

2. QBB Starter Files. You will need QBB Starter Files to start using Chapters 1 through 10, 15, and 17. Go to, QB2019 link, to find links to download the QBB Starter Files.

3. Excel Report Templates. To organize your answers and reports, use the Excel Report Templates. Go to, QB2019 link, to download the Excel Report Templates for Chapters 1 through 16.


Consider setting up folders to organize your files as follows:



We like to get it right the first time, but sometimes things change or we need to tweak something. So we will post it here for you. 

QB2019 Text Updates

Click here for QB2019 text updates.

Note Regarding Quickbooks Software updates

After installing QuickBooks software, download and install QuickBooks software updates periodically. See the text for how to download updates. After downloading, be sure to exit QuickBooks software and then reopen the software and select install updates. If the QuickBooks software is not closed and reopened, the updates may not be installed.

Note regarding Issues exporting QB to Excel

⚠️ If you are experiencing issues exporting reports from QB2019 to Excel, consider the following:

  1. Download and install the latest QB updates and retry to see if that resolves the issue.

  2. If it doesn't resolve the issue it appears that QuickBooks has a known issue exporting to Excel Home & Student version However, there are reports that QB2019 exports satisfactorily using Office Pro (an upgrade). Consider using a different version of Excel. Then retry to see if that resolves the issue.

  3. Verify that your version of Excel has been registered and/or activated.


Ask your instructor if you will be using Connect with Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2019

Watch this video to learn more about using Connect with Computer Accounting with QuickBooks.

If you are using Connect, then some of the files for Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2019 will be provided from within Connect.

QuickBooks Issue Resolution

Become savvy at QuickBooks issue resolution and give yourself a competitive advantage! 

QuickBooks Community Support:

QB2019 Online Learning Center

Go to the Online Learning Center to view: 

  • Starter Files

  • Presentation Slides

  • And More...

QuickBooks Slide Shows

Need a quick overview for each chapter? Try these slide shows to get started fast!        

QuickBooks User Certification

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My QuickBooks Videos

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PDF Options

If you want to save the reports as PDFs to turn in to your instructor for grading, select Print and then select a PDF Printer (basically, you are printing to a PDF document instead of a printer). If you don't see a PDF printer listed on the dropdown list, use Google or another search engine to search on Free PDF Printer. 


Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2019 uses a highly effective three-step approach to streamline learning. Simplify and streamline learning QuickBooks with XPM: 

  1. eXplore

  2. Practice

  3. Master

eXplore QuickBooks using the chapter with numerous screen shots and detailed instructions. While we eXplore, we will focus on learning how to navigate and use QuickBooks. Chapters in Computer Accounting with QuickBooks are designed as tutorials to introduce the accounting software features. All chapters are based on realistic, virtual company scenarios to enhance your understanding of QuickBooks in the business environment. 

Practice entering information and transactions into QuickBooks with end-of-chapter exercises. Exercises are designed with fewer instructions to test your understanding and, when needed, to develop your skills at quickly seeking out additional information to complete tasks. The ability to seek out information as needed, is an increasingly important skill in a rapidly changing business environment. Computer Accounting with QuickBooks is designed to facilitate your development of this crucial skill. 

Master QuickBooks with projects and case studies. The projects and cases cover QuickBooks tasks from setting up a new company and entering transactions to generating QuickBooks reports. To improve long-term retention of your software skills and mastery of QuickBooks, the virtual projects and cases challenge you to apply and develop both software and problem-solving skills. Two additional mastery opportunities, Chapter 12 and Chapter 14, are comprehensive case studies to integrate your knowledge and QuickBooks skills.