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My Mac & QuickBooks PC Options

Here are a few options if you would like to use QuickBooks with Mac:

  • Bootcamp*. All the new Apple operating systems (OS) come with Bootcamp. You can use Bootcamp that comes with your Mac to run PC software including QuickBooks PC versions and the trial version that comes with the text. Then you use a dual boot, selecting either Mac or PC at startup. Keep in mind you will still need a Windows operating system installed with Bootcamp and if you are exporting reports to Excel, you will also need to install the PC version of Excel on Bootcamp.
  • Virtualization such as Parallels*. Try out one of the virtualization options with your Mac to run QuickBooks PC software. Virtualization software includes Parallels software, available with student academic pricing. Virtualization software permits you to open a window that looks like a virtual PC to run your QB for windows software. Keep in mind, you will also need to install a Windows operating system and if exporting reports to Excel, you will also need the PC version of Excel installed.
  • QuickBooks for Mac. Although there is a Mac version of QuickBooks software,  the Mac version has different functionality and is not suitable for use with this text. It is a relatively small portion of the QuickBooks market and the preferred approach appears to be to use the QuickBooks PC version with Bootcamp. At this time, the QuickBooks PC version has several advantages over the QuickBooks Mac version.
  • Intuit Hosting Program. Intuit has authorized selected hosting providers to host your copy of the QuickBooks software for a monthly fee, using the key code on your QuickBooks software CD that accompanies your text. Think of it as the hosting provider builds an online "sandbox" for you where you can access QB for the PC. Note that if you are also using the Excel templates for your homework, you will need to also have the host provide you with access to Excel software in your "sandbox".  If you are using a Mac, the hosting option does not require you to install Windows, QuickBooks, or Excel on your Mac. Instead, you access your online "sandbox" with the PC-based software using a remote desktop app. To learn more about the Intuit Hosting Program, go to,  scroll to the bottom of the webpage, then select Standard Hosting Providers. (Tip: It never hurts to ask if there is a student discount.)
  • Quickbooks Online. QuickBooks Online uses a browser to access QuickBooks and your data is stored in the cloud. However, it is not compatible with QuickBooks Desktop. So if your instructor requires QuickBooks Desktop then one of the above options is your best choice. To learn more about QuickBooks Online, visit

*Important Note: You will need to install Windows operating system  with Bootcamp or Parallels in order to install QuickBooks for the PC. if you are exporting reports to Excel, you will also need to install the PC version of Excel. College bookstores may offer Windows and Excel at greatly reduced priced to college students.


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