Kay's Computer Accounting with QuickBooks

Computer Accounting with QuickBooks Desktop 2018 Text Updates

18th Edition



We like to get it right the first time, but sometimes things change or we need to tweak something. So we will post it here for you.

Section 8.8 Create Paychecks Step 15: If we wanted to create the paycheck, we would select Create Paychecks. In this case, select Finish Later.

E8.1 Heading: Track Time (instead of Track Time and Create Paychecks)

E10.3.2 Step 3: To filter for all asset accounts, select Customize Report button > Account (Filter) > All assets > Include split detail? No > OK

E10.3.3 Step 3: Calculate the Profit Margin (Net Income or Net Profit/Total Sales) for Rock Castle Construction for this fiscal year

P11.1.3 (Page 539) Joseph Leasing Opening Balance $0.00 as of 01/01/2023. (Page 540) Maria Cecilia Associates Opening Balance $0.00 as of 01/01/2023.

C12.2.3 (Page 558) Account No. 64820 Account Description: Technology Supplies Expense.  

C12.7.1 (Page 574) 04/30/2023 Emailed invoices to customers for following work performed in April.

P13.2.7 (Page 666) ADJ 1 Hint: Debit Account No. 64900: Office Supplies (Expense).

C14.8.1 (Page 682) Record the following transactions for Mookie The Beagle Spa. Use memorized transactions for recurring transactions. 

C17.5 (Page 766) Account for Bounced NSF Check, Item 2 should be: Abercrombie Kristy