Kay's Computer Accounting with QuickBooks


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YouTube QB Videos Starring YOU (the Accountant)

We are all in this together....Four of my QuickBooks students (Cody, Jason, Matt and Andy)  uploaded YouTube videos to share with you. The videos are based on the chapter openers in the text Computer Accounting with QuickBooks and set the stage for why you might care about what's in each chapter. (And yes...the videos are based on true QuickBooks episodes....with student reenactment....)

So when you are working on QuickBooks homework and get discouraged or land a QuickBooks job and grow weary....know that you are not the only one! Hang in there!

Best wishes on your continued success,

Dr Donna Kay 

I love it! It is not meant to teach you QB but to take the edge off when you are stressed out. Thanks for making these. Who says accounting can’t be funny. By the way, I was the winning caller to a radio station and my boss walked up to ask me a question. He had to wait for me to finish, but he was not mad. He laughed and said, “Is this what I pay you to do?”
— Valissa Lowery